RESTORETRONIC was created in Palma de Mallorca to offer a new possibility of repairing the electronic naval equipments. For a few years, in case of damaged units, the market philosophy tends to the purchase of new equipments. For the users, the majority of the times is impossible to find original refills or a service of technical assistance that includes between his services the repair of the equipments. Due to the complexity of the above mentioned equipments and the hobbles at the moment of obtaining technical information, the former technical service dedicated and focused on the repair has been disappearing. In many occasions the cost of new equipments is very high, without counting that sometimes the damaged equipment is not manufactured anymore so the manufacturer only offers the possibility of modifying a complete installation (new wired up, installation, units of last generation ...) multiplying with it the investment. RESTORETRONIC offers the possibility of restoring damaged equipments entering PCB level (components, tracks, connectors, software ...). In case of not managing to restore the equipment RESTORETRONIC assumes the expenses in components and hours invested.

We have experience in repairs of: remote control system (RCS), engine control unit (ECU), monitoring and control system (MCS), switchboard, display, dialog unit, communication unit (CAN, NMEA, seatalk ...), data adquisition board, radar, GPS, radio, scanner, control of gangplanks, battery charger, current converter, peripheral units of diverse application... We offer service to any equipment independently of his manufacturer: MTU, MAN, Caterpillar, Raymarine, Simrad, Furuno, ZF, Robertson, Mathers, Anritsu, JRC, Shipmate, Hatteland, Shipmate, Mastervolt, Newmar power, Garmin, Eagle, Volvo, Humminbird, Kobelt, Barber Colman, Rextroth...

We collaborate with manufacturers of yachts and naval equipments: Astondoa, Fairline, Mangusta, Sunseeker, Princess, Elegance, Riva, The St Lawrence, Azimut, Oceanco, Lurssen, Ferretti, Jongert, Pershing, Guy Coach, Maiora, Benetti, Falcon, Horizon, Itama, Leopard, Overmarine... As a complement we also repair industrial electronic equipments and we sell restored equipments. so we wouldn´t charge anything to the customer obsolete.

As an estimate price for the final repair we charge a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 50% of a brand new product price for example, if new plate worth 1000 € cost a MAXIMUM cost under € 500 in all cases. Reconditioning of electronic equipment, power supply, SMPS, processor boards, CPU cards, I/O board, test and measurement equipments, industrial monitor and LCD, touch screen, process and access controller, industrial inverter, UPS.

We specialize in systems MTU with 10 years experience at MTU official service electronic department, diagnosis and troubleshooting, sea trials with data recording by Diasys, repair of electronic boards and modules. MTU Specialist, alarm diagnostic, faults and failures diagnosis, sea trials with data recording, PCB repair. ECU4 C2 MDEC, ECU MDEC C1 Seed / Sila, EMU (Engine Monitoring Unit), ECS-183, MCS-183, LOP (Local Operating Panel), ECB3 (Engine Control Board for 183), ECB4, MPU23 (Microprocessor unit used in PCS-5, 183, 2000, 4000, 8000, 5045308797, 5295308212), MPU29 (Microprocessor unit used in Blue Line system,), ADEC, Smartline, PIM (Peripheral Interface Module), COB3, COB1, CCB1, SCB2, SCB4, AIB1 (Analog Input Board), AIB2, AIB3, AIB4, BIB1 (Binary Input Board), BIB2, BOB1 (Binary Output Board), BOB2, EGB1, FCB1 (Fault Code Board), IIB1 (Instrument Input board) , INB1, INB2, INB3, MFB1 (Multi Function Board), MFB2, SAB, ROB, ECS-Uni, PPS (Programmable Process Station), MCU, GCU (Gear Control Unit), TCU (Trolling Control Unit), PAN1 (MCS-5 panel), MCS-396, MCS-LO, Horn LOP (SISY, ALSY), GMU (Gear Monitoring Unit), RCS-5 FPP/A, RCS-5 FPP/B (Remote Control SysteM), ROS7, ROS8 (Mannesmann Rexroth), PIM4, ECS-R082, RCS-5 DUO, SUE-ST, SUE-EL, SUE-ES, SUE-PN, ZSS-AP, MCS-396T, UG0405, UG0404, UG0402, SUE396T02, CIB3, CIB1, CB3, COM3, ECI4, MB-MERC, MCM1, MEM1, PS13, SMB2, Repeater PIM, CAN bus 1, CAN bus 2, DME (Speed monitoring relay), MLA, FSD, Display (DIS1, DIS2, DIS3, DIS4, DIS5, DIS6, DIS7, DIS8, DIS9, DIS10, DIS11, DIS12, DIS13, 5105380175, 5105380275, 5105380575, 5105380775, 5105380975, 5105381275, 5105381575, 5105384075, 5105384175, 5105383375, 5105384574, 5105384675, 5105384775), 5275306312, 5265300543, 5265344005, 5295309612, 5275303160, 5275304060, 5275304160, 5265300232, 5265300043, 5275304760, 5275306860, 5275307654, DL RL A001, DL RL A002, DL RL A003, DL RL A010, DL RL A020, DL RL A110, DL RL 120, DL RL A040, DL RL A117, RL RL A210, DL RL A220, DL RL A230.
More brands we serviced:
Angelo Gandola (passarelle, gangway, trolley, sensor, electronic display, remote control), Besenzoni, Opacmare, Bosch, Brooks & Gatehouse, Cantalupi (fire alarm system), Caterpillar, Cristec, Daikin, Fujitsu, Daitsu, General electric, Hitachi, Hitecta Mitsubishi, LG, Toshiba, Eltek fire, E-T-A Power Plex, Dolphin, Naiad, Navicontrol, Naviop, Furuno, Natural Chlor, Philippi, Pincraft, Samsung, Schneide electric, Vetus, Victron energy, Komori, Manroland, Mitsubishi Heavey Industries, Muller Martini, Baker Perkins, Goss internacional, Ferag, Kba……
ST1000, ST2000, ST3000, ST4000, ST5000, ST6000, ST7000, ST7001, M1000, M1500, Smart pilot S1, T150, T400, autopilot course computer, ST70, ST80, chartplotter RC420, RC425, Raychart620, ST60, Multifunction C70, C80, C120, E80, E120, Ray230, Ray240.

In the section on industrial electronics, electronic equipment and overhaul plates, Linear and Switching, processor boards, plates / out, test and measurement equipment. electronic equipment for industries such as:
* Paper and paperboard, printing, wood and furniture, medicine and health, textiles and footwear, and sidelurgia metalugia, construction equipment and construction, aesthetics and fitness, food and catering, agriculture, motor drives, DC drives teams counters modules, temperature controls, power supplies, controllers, sound and audio card interfaces, converters, modules timers, medical equipment, fitness machines, laser hair removal equipment, beauty equipment, appliances, segways, electric bikes , old radios, air conditioning, led lighting, doors and escalators widely used in garages and shopping centers, fitness machines, beauty and health equipment.